My research is basically all collaboration with students and colleagues, like the Wisconsin Englishes Project (Tom Purnell and Eric Raimy). Our work combines research and teaching and outreach and it all aims to advance our understanding of speech sounds, how they work as systems, how they are produced and perceived, how they are situated in society and how they change over time.

I also try to understand language contact and language shift, including heritage languages, with Cathy Stafford (Wisconsin), Janne Johannessen (Oslo) and Mike Putnam (Penn State). I work occasionally on morphology, and other issues. Together with Monica Macaulay, my vastly better half, I do a little on phonological, morphological and diachronic issues in Algonquian and Otomanguean languages.

Below are a few projects currently in the pipeline for publication. (Already published material is under "CV".) I'm happy to share unpublished work, especially in exchange for comments and suggestions and lots is already available on

Forthcoming and in progress


In preparation Thomas Purnell, Eric Raimy & Joe Salmons. Modularity in phonology. Cambridge University Press. (Key Topics in Phonology.)

In preparation  Jeroen Darquennes, Wim Vandenbussche & Joseph Salmons, eds. Contact Linguistics. Berlin: de Gruyter Handbooks.


Forthcoming „Keineswegs Feinde der englischen Sprache": Deutsch, Englisch und Schulpolitik in Wisconsin. Muttersprache, special issue, Zur Soziolinguistik regionaler Mehrsprachigkeit im deutschsprachigen Raum.

Forthcoming Joseph Salmons & Huibin Zhang. The diachrony of East Asian prosodic templates. Linguistics.

Forthcoming Laryngeal Phonetics, Phonology, Assimilation and Final Neutralization. Cambridge Handbook of Germanic Linguistics, ed. by B. Richard Page & Michael T. Putnam. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Forthcoming Jennifer Mercer, Samantha Litty & Joseph Salmons. Early Immigrant English: A case study of German-American Midwestern English.

Forthcoming The larynx and Indo-European obstruent phonology and phonetics. Historische Sprachforschung / Historical Linguistics.

Forthcoming A methodological challenge for Neolithic linguistics. Talking Neolithic, ed. by Guus Kroonen & James P. Mallory.


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